Photos from the MEET THE AUTHOR event!

The Meet the Author event at the Davisville Free Library in North Kingstown on Saturday, May 10, was a success! I enjoyed reading from THESE ONYX HOURS and seeing friends new and old — some of whom shared in the open mic, which followed.

Special thanks to the Origami Poems Project, who presented the event with the library, and Lynne for the photos and the collage. If you want to keep up to date with the Origami Poems Project, you can visit their Facebook page here: Enjoy!

The audience Davisville Free Library

The audience, and a really nice display of THESE ONYX HOURS and chapbooks to the left.

Poet Heather Sullivan reads from These Onyx Hours.

Me, reading.

Collage of poet Heather Sullivan

The neat collage of photos from the day I mentioned earlier.

Poet Daria Smith

Poet Daria Smith shares her work at the Open Mic.

Poet Donna Freeman

Poet Donna Freeman shares her work at the Open Mic.

Poet Larry Krips

Poet Larry Krips shares his work at the Open Mic.